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Samarth Education, Akola is one of the leading name in the field of advance education. It is one of the best institutions in the Vidarbha region.

Samarth is an Open Source, Open Standard enabled Robust, Secure, Scalable and Evolutionary Process Automation Engine for Universities and Higher Education Institutions.  Samarth Education& Medical Home Formed with a vision of providing the best educational solutions to science aspirants, imbibes a unique teaching methodology with their experienced faculties methodology with their experienced faculties beholding three decades of teaching expertise. Visionary Directors of Samarth Education& Medical Home have designed the teaching system in the best tailored manner for the board examination as well as the entrance exams to pass with flying colors, We understand all the difficulties of aspiring students and we offer the ever best guidance along with all possible solution to students under one roof. Our exceptional teaching has brought in a different to way students think and solve the problems. Our students not only learn but are also trained with skills to excel in various entrance exams. In our endeavor, we focus upon reserving our good will with parents, potential students and commitments of our faculties and staff of the academy.


To provide high quality, systematic and effective teaching to enable our students emerge at winner in the toughest of competitions.


To be a destination choice for quality education focused on enabling the students reach their goal by harnessing their potential.


Samarth Education and Medical Home is now well established brand in the field of competitive exam coaching (Especially IIT JEE, NEET, AIIMS ETC.) It has emerged as a brand name under the chairmanship of Mr. who has ample experience in the field of coaching as well as in the field of higher education colleges.

“We need an education system that equips young people and germinates the seeds of industrial ambition in them.”

Samarth Educationand Medical Home is continuously endeavoring for contributing significantly towards shattering proficiency and boosting of students, so that they may fulfill their dreams of becoming relent and truly professional technocrat/medicon with remarkable self-confidence in the days to come.

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